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Creatively Configure Interior Spaces with Sliding Bypass Doors

Creatively Configure Interior Spaces with Sliding Bypass Doors

Customizing interior spaces to suit your unique needs can be easy and economical with a solution like versatile sliding bypass doors. If you want to create a multi-functional living area, save space, allow more privacy or enhance architectural appeal – or all of these at once – sliding bypass doors can help you achieve your goals. From kitchens to laundry areas, installing bypass doors provides a fast, economical way to adapt floor plans to diverse lifestyles.

Kitchens with adjoining spaces are perfect spots for bypass doors. For instance, Johnson Hardware’s 111SD Sliding Bypass Door Hardware lets you reconfigure a kitchen and beverage area with a bold functional divider. Holding on-trend glass and metal doors up to 150 pounds each, the hardware lets you tuck away essentials while keeping them within sight and easy reach.

Creatively Configure Interior Spaces with Sliding Bypass DoorsAnother solution for closets in hallways and mudrooms is the 138F Sliding Bypass Door Hardware, which also provides versatility and an appealing appearance. Concealing clutter while adding clean lines, it supports most styles of doors weighing up to 200 pounds each.

Inventive down to the last detail, it has a precision-extruded, jump-proof aluminum box track featuring line-design fascia. This fascia hides scratches and fingerprints, plus, it holds paint for the look you want. Tricycle door hangers feature a quick disconnect clip system, making it a snap to mount and dismount door panels. These hangers are also readily adjustable for height in case of settling.

In addition, Johnson’s innovative soft-close feature for smooth, quiet, fingertip-touch door operation is available for a variety of bypass hardware kits, as well as pocket door and wall mount door hardware kits. Soft-close technology slows down door speed gradually, preventing slamming and finger pinching for carefree use.

Ideal for converting a closet into a neat, discrete laundry area, sliding bypass door hardware is right at home in second-floor laundry areas or residences where space is precious, such as condos and townhouses. Bypass doors save 14 square feet of floor space over swinging doors, which can be used for furniture, storage and decor.

Bypass hardware offers many fresh options for configuring interiors. Gliding on separate tracks, bypass doors overlap for wide entryways everyone can easily use and allow quick access to items. When closed, wooden doors offer extra privacy and quiet. Combined metal-and-glass doors create an open-air aesthetic.

For more design ideas to save space with creative sliding door hardware, visit johnsonhardware.com or call 574-293-5664.


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